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hushicho Intimidation
Posted on 2012-04-29 at 00:12:00
Since Jaeger and his men are from a conflict-based game, I thought it would be amusing to play with this concept. To explain, in a nutshell, propaganda distributed to the enemy was very common in many wars, and typically it was either porny propaganda, or intimidating propaganda. Apparently our boys here started out with the intention of one and ended up with the other.

See you with the new chapter of Incubus Tales on Tuesday! Be well!

User: MitaniPosted on 2012-05-12 at 19:21:14
Teehehe - this always makes me chuckle.

I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it on this page before xD
User: hushichoPosted on 2012-05-23 at 09:36:33
I'm glad you're commenting here too! I need to do more Special, but it's been a busy season and people seem to forget to comment here. I hope it'll pick up!

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